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Healing Crystals

Pyrtie adjustble rings are now only $49.. one size fits all.. Pyrite helps to deflect negativity and do some grounding.. These rings are coupled with lapis lazuli.. The grounding of pyrite also helps with clearer thinking. 

$179 - The grounding piece comes on a rope.. its a combination of crystals found in one unique mine in the rain forest.. It shines in the sun strengthens the solar plexus for manifestation and deflects negativity.. 

2 small Amethyst crystals .. 1 geode and 1 point.. for the 7th chakra stimulation and spiritual connection.

Alpha Thought Crystal Jewelry

Monthly Special

​For Concentration

Flourite is the genius stone. Every thinker should have a flourite piece. This is a secret weapon. Combining it with the transmutation powers of obsidian we have constructed an energy path from the low to high chakras. May cause dizziness but thats ok.. its your body acclimating to the higher chakra stimulation.

Get 2 Pyrite/Lapis lazuli rings for only $79 they are adjustable and are available for a limited time for this special price ..Lapis is a stone used by the ancient egyptians to stimulate the third eye and pineal gland.

2 Rings for $79 Deal 

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Monthly Special

​For Protection

Alpha Thought